DOPS (Religious Movements Series), 2016
600x170 cm, UV printing on plywood and wood channel.

The Department of Political and Social Order (DOPS) was the Brazilian government agency used mainly during the Military Regime (1964-1985), whose purpose was to control and repress political and social movements opposed to the regime in power.
The photographs and texts used in the work are part of official documents of the DOPS agent report on the "Youth Council" (an event organized by social movements), the Catholic Church and a target of political repression, mainly due to the ideological connection of some priests with the Liberation Theology.
The photographs and texts are juxtaposed and lay on wood channels creating relations of reference between image and text, in this way the work proposes a game that is structured through the destabilization between the typology of the image and text.
The public is invited to manipulate and intervene in the work finding new relations between the photographic images and the textual descriptions. The combinations made are structured as short-circuit, fissures and activations thus showing possible randomness, abuses, paranoia and desires in the choices made by the DOPS agent and how the archive can create new assemblages from the manipulation.
The work creates links with the present through the way in which some social organizations are persecuted and criminalized by the State.

DOPS (Série Movimentos Religiosos), 2016, 600 x170cm, Impressão UV sobre compensado e canaleta de madeira.